About me:

Hello - I created this website, using the simplest tools of the internet.

I was born in 1998 in a small town between forests in Oberbergisch. Then I grew up for 18 years in Hamm, Westphalia. There was and still is a great inner connection with everything that lives on this planet. Small animals, plants and our relationships with them have always fascinated me.

But I am also interested in human power structures, ideologies and the enormous power of human machines. Why do we do what we do in social structures? Are we made to live in certain ways and what is the point of it all, to put it bluntly?

Away from the things I deal with at desks, you can usually find me on a bike, in camping tents or under trees.

Why no pictures?

With current trends such as the idea of the metaverse and NFTs, the interface for the user into the digital world is becoming more and more similar to the sensory perception of the human outside world.
The boundaries between one's own thoughts and the thought streams of others are becoming more and more blurred. Images play a major role in this, and especially in the resource and energy consumption of the internet.

With every byte of data that does not have to be loaded, we can save resources and share thoughts more sustainably.
Therefore: No images, no tracking - only text-based information.

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