• Pupil internship in a car workshop:
    Wilhelm Neuhaus, Osttünnen, GER.
  • Delivery Job:
    Diocesan magazine of the Archdiocese of Paderborn, GER.
  • Website creation:
    Autodidactic self-study...
  • Temporary help in plastic cup production:
    GIZEH Verpackungen, Bergneustadt, GER.
  • Temporary help in gardening:
    Ralf Bodenheimer, Drechen, GER.
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL):
    Basic Computer Knowledge...
    Learn Java Course.
  • JGU Mainz, 2017-2019:
    Studies in economical science.
  • Bike Courier:
    Velo Carrier, Mainz, GER.
  • JGU Career Service, Mainz
    Spring or Autumn University:
    • Workshop: Design and implement events.
    • Workshop: Is the voice right? Training for the expressiveness of the speaking voice.
    • Workshop: Time and self-management.
    • Workshop: Self-employed alongside my job / studies.
  • Mainz, 2019:

  • Lellwangen, GER, 2021:
    SCI International Volunteering Workcamp.
  • JGU Mainz, 2019-today:
    Studies in philosophy...
    • Methods of Philosophy
    • Argumentation theory
    • Antiquity / Philosophy of Nature - Ethics: Nature as a normative framework for human practice
    • Epicurus, Letter to Herodotus
    • Philosophy and Everyday Rationality: "Lay Philosophers" in the History of Philosophy
    • Bonaventure, Writings on Theoretical and Practical Philosophy
    • Henry of Ghent and the doctrinal condemnations of 1277
    • Schopenhauer's philosophical system
    • Hume, Dialogues concerning natural religion
    • Introduction to Modern Logic
    • Philosophy of quantum physics
    • Homo economicus: useful fiction or source of evil?
    • Philosophical foundations of ecology
    • Economic ethics
    • Studium Generale: The promise of brain research
    • Studium Generale: Myths and Rituals
    • French: B1.1
    • Mediality of Philosophy
    • Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit
    • Sankara, Vivekacudamani
    • Moral relativism
    • Metempsychosis und Palingesis in East and West
    • Philosophy as a theory of wisdom, science, world view
    • Conceptions of Freedom in political Philosophy
    Studies in political science...
    • Statistics I
    • Introduction to Political Sciences
    • Methods of empirical political research
    • Political Theory: Unconditional Basic Income
    • Analysis and comparison of political systems: Democracy and democratisation
    • International Relations: The Politics of European Integration
  • JGU Mainz, 2019-today:
    Study program Q+
    • Q+ Reads with Sheila Heiti
    • Audio-visual media production
    • Anthropology under Stress? Perspectives from the "End of Humanity" and the Western Tradition of "Human Self-Images since the Early Modern Period
    • The international book market: The differences of selected national book markets - How can these be explained and how are these markets interrelated internationally?
    • Culture Studies IV: Introduction to Creative Writing
    • Internship Public Relations and Social Media at Naturpark Rhein Taunus
    • Q+ Reads with Megan Giddings
    • Our broad Present. About the presence of both the past and the future in our times
  • University of Gent, 2022-today:
    • Webmaster @ Prometheus Gent
    • Capita Selecta in modern and contemporary Philosophy
    • Non-Western Philosophy
    • Dutch for exchange students
    • Language Course - English C1
    • Creating Value with Websites
    • Creating Value using Social Media
    • Politics of Memory in Southeast Europe
    • Sexual and Relational Ethics
    • Philosophical Issues in the Life Sciences
    • Logic: Capita Selecta
    • Methodologies of Art History
    • Low Countries Studies
  • Association for the Promotion of Political Action (VfH), Bonn:
    Weekend Seminar: Moderating Political Processes - A Moderation Training for Politically Difficult Times
  • Brussels, 2023:
  • Couleur Café:
  • Volunteering during the construction of the festival
  • Gent, 2023:
  • De Koer:
  • Volunteering during the construction weeks
  • Gent, 2023:
  • Gent Jazz:
  • Volunteering during the Festival
  • Gent, 2023:
    Co-Searching: Blog-Artikel for the company Co-Searching